Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Most definitions of the word "entrepreneur" go something like this:  "an entrepreneur is an individual who organizes, starts and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. " While true in context, the plain definition does not remotely capture the spirit of its meaning, nor the struggle and triumph behind it.

Entrepreneur Uncovered, founded and hosted by Brad Clayton, explores the mindset and very essence of today's entrepreneurs. Through regular personal interviews with leading successful entrepreneurs in a multitude of fields; Brad Clayton seeks to uncover how seemingly ordinary and everyday people turned a thought or idea into a dream, then to a vision and ultimately into a reality.

Throughout that process, you will discover that today's entrepreneurs face many twists and turns, setbacks and challenges, fears of failure and actual failure, an enormous amount of hard work and for those who endure - success. Entrepreneur Uncovered seeks to inspire, motivate, educate and empower those individuals who currently have a dream or vision into taking that very first step of accomplishing something "extraordinary..."


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