To inspire, motivate, educate and empower entrepreneurs or those who aspire to become one.

Why Entrepreneur Uncovered?

Have you ever lost yourself in a good book? I mean a really good book. One that vividly details another reality that you are invited to witness? I believe the same thing can happen in podcast episodes and just like a good book, I seek to introduce you directly into the day to day realities of seemingly "ordinary" people who have accomplished "extraordinary" results as entrepreneurs.


Because in listening to their stories, perhaps for a brief moment you too can feel as if you are being pulled into their world and witnessing their journey firsthand. Perhaps, their story may inspire you as you continue down your own path either as an active entrepreneur or one who aspires to become one.

How is Entrepreneur Uncovered different from other Entrepreneurial Podcasts?

When I was first introduced to podcasting, two realizations immediately occurred: (1) I couldn't believe how much I was missing out on; and (2) Our current culture is all about "content by demand" and podcasts provide an incredible platform to provide such content. From day one I was hooked and began downloading, listening to and subscribing to a wide variety of podcasts.

I have been most inspired by podcasts in which the hosts interview current entrepreneurs who share their stories, detail their initial struggles in becoming an entrepreneur and share inspirational insights or "nuggets" of information or practices that have made a pivotal difference in their individual entrepreneurial journeys. 

In listening to these podcasts however, it has become abundantly clear that while each story is unique, certain patterns of transforming into an entrepreneur are not (at least that is how it seems based on the questions that are being asked). I have found myself inspired by several entrepreneur's unique "ah hah" moments, but have really wanted to listen to and learn more about what they do and exactly how they do it and most importantly - why...why each entrepreneur has been inspired to launch their idea?

The why does not always come out unfortunately and oftentimes, the interview questions are exactly the same for each and every interview. Its almost like a play in a way in which the actors are different, but the story is the same.

In wanting to know more from successful entrepreneurs, I launched Entrepreneur Uncovered to "uncover" each entrepreneur's why, how and what? More specifically, the goal is to ask the right questions that will help you as the listener to not only learn more about an individual, but actually give you insight into what it's like to walk down their entrepreneurial path - if only briefly. The entire goal of Entrepreneur Uncovered is to inspire, motivate, educate and empower you to start and continue walking down your own entrepreneurial path.

What you can expect:

  • Regular, weekly personal interviews with successful entrepreneurs
  • Exploration into Why, How and What they do
  • Overview of their industry and organization
  • Meaningful insights into what it personally took (physically and emotionally) to get started - especially during their first year
  • Exploration into their initial, individual mindsets and objectives versus now
  • Particular obstacles and challenges that they initially faced
  • Pivotal moments of inspiration
  • Specific activities or practices that led to a "tipping point"
  • Current direction and focus
  • Raw, unfiltered advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.
— Michelangelo