Meet Host Brad Clayton and Discover WHY Entrepreneur Uncovered

Meet Entrepreneur Uncovered Host, Brad Clayton as I  explain why I launched the show and what the scope of the show is about. In this episode you will learn more about my personal background and the types of entrepreneurs that will be guests on the show.

Purpose of the show:

imply put, I want to inspire others by listening to how seemingly ordinary people accomplish the extraordinary as entrepreneurs.

Throughout my professional career and really over the course of my life, I have had the unique opportunity to be in direct contact with thousands of entrepreneurs. As an individual, I have always been tremendously curious and have learned to simply ask entrepreneurs, "How did you... [fill in the blank]?". Oftentimes, as I have asked questions I have left the meetings feeling inspired. The more people that I asked, from literally all over the world and from practically any industry or business that I have come in contact with, the more I began to realize that practically everybody, when they really open up, has a unique story to share.

I want to give those individuals a broader stage to share their stories. I want you to be inspired as I have been. It is my hope that as you listen to the experiences of different entrepreneurs that one in particular may really resonate with you and perhaps might become the catalyst for you to follow your own dreams. 

Where am I from? A real question. 

In the episode I give a brief background but when people ask where I am from, the answer is not always easy, here is why:

  • First five years: Felton, Delaware. 
  • Elementary School (Grades K-6): Apalachin, New York
  • Junior High: Cherry Creek, Colorado
  • High School: Parker, Colorado - during my junior year I lived in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela as a Rotary foreign exchange student. 
  • Post High School - I lived in Argentina, in the region south of Buenos Aires, as a missionary for my church from 1996 - 1998. 
  • 1999: Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico
  • 2000 - 2005: Provo and Midvale, UT. I graduated from BYU in 2003. 
  • 2005 - Present: Mesa, Arizona. I attended graduate school and earned my MBA from Arizona State University in 2012.


Bachelor or Arts, Spanish - Brigham Young University, 2003

Master of Business Administration, Corporate Finance - Arizona State University, 2012

Military Experience: 

Utah Army National Guard, 300th Military Intelligence Brigade, 142nd MI Battalion, Alpha Company - 2000 - 2004. 

Professional Experience:

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