017: Travis Johnson - Choose to be Chosen

Meet Travis Johnson - Entrepreneur, Comedian, Speaker.  Among his many ventures, Travis founded his company, Learn2Win in which he trains and motivates entrepreneurs to establish and work towards their goals, change their mindsets and present themselves and their ideas more effectively.

Travis himself is an accomplished speaker and comedian and in this episode he shares brutal insight on his own personal journey as an entrepreneur and how he transformed one of the worst days in his life into inspiring others. 

Travis also gives step by step advice on how to deliver a great speech and effectively present a concept or idea.

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Instagram: TravisPhx 

Website: TravisPHX.com


Travis explains how he is a "Serial Entrepreneur" [05:18]

 What that means to me is that I take advantage of opportunities that are put in front of me....

Travis explains how entrepreneurs learn about the different gifts that they've been given [06:56]

 I truly feel immensely blessed to be able to discover a lot of the gifts that I have. I wasn't born an entrepreneur. It was a seed that was planted in my family and that seed grew and I glommed onto it....

What is the entrepreneurial mindset? [07:46]

  The entrepreneurial mindset is not afraid of risk. Now, nobody likes failure but entrepreneurs typically embrace risk and it doesn't scare them off. Very often, they are hybrids of someone who enjoys security but once they feel security, they get really uncomfortable and at that moment, they start looking for other opportunities...

Travis goes on to explain different types of entrepreneurs and shares a personal story from advice that he received from his accountant that in regards to business, "bigger is not always better."

Travis explains his journey towards becoming an entrepreneur.  [10:27]

Travis shares how he hopped from job to job to job early on in his marriage and the importance of "loving his family to life" and not "to death". He also shares his college experience and how he finally found his true calling. 

Travis states: "I am far more interested in profits than paychecks."

TRAVIS EXPLAINS how he took over his Dad's Commercial Maintenance company. [15:55]

He cleans outdoor malls, sweeps streets, does the landscaping, does  handiwork on building exteriors, power washes the sidewalks, parking lots, etc.  He shares the story of how he ended up taking over the business and how he initially grew it. 

Travis shares the hardest period of his life and shares the circumstances of how he lost everything. [18:45]

After seeking additional opportunities outside of his commercial maintenance company and growing a multi-million dollar portfolio of real estate investments, Travis lost everything in 2008. He vividly shares the hardest day of his life in which he felt like 'Atlas' holding up the weight of the world.

Until you've seen yourself with your pants down and everybody knows that you've failed, I don't know that you truly know yourself...

Travis goes on to explain the self-talk that occurred to dig himself out of his situation and how he completely rebuilt himself and his life.

Just because I failed, doesn't mean that I have the right to stop. I was taught by my Dad a long, long time ago who is an entrepreneur...he told me once "make yourself indispensable and you'll never be without a job". I have that belief about myself no matter what the economy outside of me is, I have direct control over what my skills are, what I can do about it...

Travis explains how he got through the agonizing weight of his circumstances. [25:10]

It is in those times when you really have to seek out light and what I mean by that is, you have to seek out something that you are passionate about because there is no way to get outside yourself by thinking about yourself. You have to start thinking about other people, about other opportunities, about the things outside of you because the more that you can spread light or be a light to other people, the more light you attract to you.

Motion = Emotion [26:23]

Travis explains the difference in the posture between a sad person and a happy person (or a person who is at peace. When we get depressed it is important to seek the state of being at peace. 

He goes on to explain how to turn our failures into eventual success by changing our attitudes. We also talk about being uncomfortable as entrepreneurs in trusting in following what drives us and serving others. 

Travis coaches on how to build a killer speech [33:20]

  1. Stop writing your speeches - meaning leave your notes at home.
  2. Know the parameters that you are putting your speech into
  3. Know your audience and develop your speech specifically for them within the context of the purpose of the gathering. 
  4. Gear your comments towards your audience
  5. Stay away from low hanging fruit - meaning stay away from "shock comedy"
  6. Your audience wants to be emotionally invested. Set up your speech accordingly.
  7. Have a clear intro, main points and conclusion.
  8. The set up is key and your audience wants to see that you believe what you are saying.
  9. People love stories. They can relate easier and most people want to be entertained.
  10. Your initial statement is critical. It is imperative that your initial statement embodies the entire purpose of your speech, but never state the entire story up front (meaning - don't give away the plot).
  11. In a three point speech, your first two points will support your initial statement / story development.
  12. The third point (last point) is your strongest point in which you drive everything home. This is where you are seeking your strongest emotional connection. It is also  your shortest (its not a recap).
  13. If done correctly, people will always remember your last point, the point in which they emotionally connected with you as the speaker. 
  14. Never tell people about upcoming points (like a newscast does). Simply focus on having clear transitions from one point to the next. 
  15. Regarding your main points, communicate them in odd numbers: one point, three points, five points, etc. 
  16. Make sure that your transitions allow for a slight emotional rest in your main story plot. For each point, you should build, build, build, make the point, then transition to the next - similar to climbing a hill with a crescendo and then have a small plateau  within the story.

Travis explains the importance of living within 'the flow of your passion.' [50:30]

Travis explains why people love the things that they are emotionally invested into. It is important to live within the flow of your passion (what drives you) rather than only dreaming of it but never moving forward, or never following your dreams. 

How do we get people to choose to emotionally invest rather than convince them to do so? [54:00]

Never inundate people with a load of information. Tell the story...

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? [58:45]

  1. Seek things that make you emotionally excited.
  2.  Never be afraid to take the first step. If you have an inspiration to go talk to somebody, don't be afraid of that, go talk to them. Because it may be that conversation that changes the whole direction of your life and you'll never know if you never do it. 
  3. Get outside of yourself. Choose to be chosen. Don't just wait to be chosen.